Business innovation internships, mentorship, and campus-wide business challenges

Create the next you

Spring 2021

Innovation, strategy,  marketing, and design for students, schools...and businesses

Whether you're a student looking for "an in", a school looking to help place students in a cool business, or a business needing help accelerating a project, Accelab is for you. 

Casual Business Meeting

Our mentors have literally written the book(s) about innovation. We'll flesh out current business models, looking for ways to deliver new value now...and in the future.

Employing state-of-art business modeling methods, we'll design, test, and apply strategy to businesses of all shapes and sizes.   

This is not about marketing theory. With expert mentorship marketing leaders, we'll dive deep, building marketing and social media strategies from scratch.

Design is not just about creating beautiful things. Everything we do is rooted in design methodologies, tools, and a design mindset. The outcome is always as functional as it is beautiful.