How we work with schools

Internship placement

With Accelab, students are...

Placed in internships

Grounded in curriculum

Supported by mentors

Inspired by industry leaders

Campus-wide culture hours

Sourcing from our huge network of leaders who work at small startups, giant corporations, and nonprofits, students will get a chance to interact with leaders, learning about the companies they work for and the journeys they took.

Business challenges

Paired with a half-day design thinking bootcamp, we bring in a corporate sponsor to run a 2-3 week business challenge, where students get to use their newly-learned design thinking skills to compete for the best business model and solution.

Innovation consulting

We've worked with thousands of organizations of every size to help them design new business models and strategies for the future. Using the same tools, skills, and mindset we practice and teach to others, we can help your school reach the next level.

We help you differentiate

Every day, universities and colleges nationwide compete for (current and future) students’ attention. Additionally, the future market that students  will graduate into demands that they’re highly agile, innovative, curious, and “T-shaped”. Accelab was built to help you compete on an elite scale without the elite budget.

Our network

For our curriculum, the companies we place students in, and our weekly industry leader Q&A’s, we pull directly from the vast network that we’ve build over the last two decades working as strategists,  professors, mentors, and authors.

Practice based experience (tools, skills, mindset)

During our 12-week program students learn through a hands-on experience and a mentored process where they’re taught to build and manage a business and explore their hidden talents in order to help them design their future careers.

Your curriculum, culture, requirements and ambition

Our (online) Accelab program is designed to connect to your organization’s curriculum, culture, and requirements in order to magnify its potential.