Accelab internship programs are fast-paced, 12-week engagements designed to maximize shared learning, experience, and outcomes for students and businesses.  Fees start at $1,500/student for twelve action-packed weeks.

Week 1:


Introduction to the world of innovation and design thinking. Learn how to ask the right questions and challenge the status quo.

Weeks 2 - 3:

Market Research

Context & Market Research: dive deep into your company’s context and teach them something they didn’t know.

Week 4:

Value Creation

Formulating new ideas: develop new product, services, and initiatives for the company you’re working for.

Weeks 5 - 7:

Market Tests

Testing your ideas: Ensure that the ideas you’re developing are desirable, feasible, and viable.

Weeks 8 - 9:


Marketing & Social Media: Develop marketing and social media plans that create buzz…and accelerate change for you and the company you’re working for.

Weeks 10 - 12:


Storytelling & Pitching: Learn the most effective ways to tell your story and sell an idea to an organization…even if that idea is you!

Team Meeting